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Build Solid Teams For Any
Format in an Hour or Less...

Using the Pokémon You Actually Like


Hi, I’m Mrjamvad. Most know me for my scientific, fact-focused approach to helping people learn competitive Pokemon.


If you’ve never heard of me, I’ll properly introduce myself in a second…


Right now, I want to address a big problem within the community…most players struggle to build good teams!


Most team-building videos, guides, and tutorials, while being made by good, well-meaning people, are just not that effective. They teach you How to build a specific team, but when you go to your teambuilder…Nothing.


They don’t help you translate YOUR unique genius into a solid team. So, just it feels like another failed attempt (there goes hours of your life.) The reward? Feeling confused, frustrated, and disappointed. 


So…we (a group of accomplished players) decided to fix this by creating a simple system that gives players the correct information with additional tools and community to make sure they do it the right way


One person says this, while the other person says that 🤔

What's the truth?

This problem is what sparked the idea for this solution 


It is ONLY for players who…


If you have none of these problems, this might not be for you.

If you do, however, there’s finally a real solution

I’ve never shared this publicly, but this system is an upgraded version of the one I used when I competed at the highest levels. In those days, my teams had one of the highest THEFT rates ( because only my close friends had access to them)


Many of these teams defined the metagame. People always wondered, “How does he always make these weird anti-meta-Pokémon fit AND win consistently vs. the top players? Not only that, but they also continued winning even when other people used them (and the opponent knew the sets)


This got so bad that (and I shouldn’t be sharing this) big names at the time would privately message me to consult them or build their teams because they didn’t want to lose a big game!


I was very close to what people call a ghostwriter in the music industry…I was a ghostbuilder. And until today, I’ve NEVER fully revealed my REAL mindsets and formulas. What makes it different?


Here’s why and it’s reason why most players struggle with teambuilding...

its actually not your fault ✨

The truth is, most of you have never got access to the REAL behind-the-scenes information. So when you see a cool innovative team, then try to use the well-meaning guides out there…you’re actually screwing yourself up. Many of those opinions are ruining your progress because they provide the wrong insights.


It’s like a plane flying. An Air Force pilot said if you stayed just one degree off course from JFK in New York to LAX in California, you would wind up 40 miles off in the Pacific Ocean.

Similarly, there are ideas about team building that cause you to miss the mark.

Revealing the truth:

The reality is the elite players and builders in every format are competitive, and DO NOT want other players to know the REAL secrets that give them the edge. They may share some things, but not the real secret sauce to their consistent success.


I know this because I was one of them…


It’s just human nature


We’re competitive, and because of this, the general player base is left to fumble around lost. But it’s time we put an end to our elitist thinking for the sake of the community.


November 24, 2023:

A New Era in Competitive Pokémon Begins.

Today will go down in the competitive Pokémon history books as a landmark moment that shifted the community into a new era.


Now is the perfect time because everyone involved in making this opportunity a reality is finally ready to make sure no one ever has an excuse again. Will you be a part of this moment? Or open your teambuilder once again, with regret knowing it could’ve been different

And trust me, I know exactly the feeling.

Believe it or not, I started exactly where you are (if not worse).


In 2010, I didn’t know it was possible to play vs. people online until I stumbled upon a YouTuber by the name of “The Killer Nacho”. I watched a video of him recording his DS screen with his webcam and talking over it. I couldn’t believe my eyes…I’ve been in love with this game ever since that faithful day. In that moment, I knew I wanted to craft cool teams where I could express my creativity in a way that was unique to me and use it to battle people from all over the world.


But there was a major issue: I didn’t know how to get started.


All the YouTubers and top players were out of reach, and even if I could message them, they could only exchange a few words (which I understood, since they had their own lives and had to put food on the table).


The top players only associated with other top players so I couldn’t get in there either. Honestly, I felt alone. Back then, many communities and resources didn’t exist so I had to wander around questionable online chats looking for people I could connect with. It wasn’t until about a year after starting my YouTube channel, that I got the opportunity to connect with a few players who are very well known today (and some of my best friends) like Pokeaim, Blunder, Chimpact, and Emvee (and many others who no longer upload). I finally found friends who loved the game, were not ashamed of it, and wanted to get better like me. 


It was within these private groups (even more private back then) that I learned many of the teambuilding techniques you’ll get access to today.

Introducing the Teambuilding Toolbox

Because of those connections, I went from an unknown kid with potential to one of the best singles players in the world in a little over a year (yes, the community is that powerful)

Over time I started sharing some of our group’s secrets with people over YouTube and ended up inspiring 90% of the next generation of top players.


There were a lot of lucky events that led to my success, but for the Pokémon community to grow we’ll need to remove luck. There needs to be a systematic way to give others the same opportunity…which is why we created the Teambuilding Toolbox.

So how does IT work?


The reason most guides failed you before is not that they were completely wrong, but because they focus too much on the specifics of their team and their personal experience, instead of providing a framework that any player can apply no matter the team, tier, or format


But to do this they’d have to not just show how they come up with their teams, but how to THINK like an elite builder….and to do that they’d need to understand how to prompt YOU (someone they’ve never met) to do the process correctly even if you have little to no experience.


And how can someone get you to think like them? By teaching you the right questions to yourself.  There is no critical thinking without asking questions. So, the key is to teach you the right questions to ask yourself at every step in the process to get an amazing team every time.

So, this system helps you break down:

This is achieved through a video course focused on illustration over information. This is complemented by written material for those of you who love to understand the technicalities. And the ability to ask questions by commenting WITHIN the course! But, it won’t be super long and overloaded with unnecessary theory. It gets straight to the point and provides as much information as needed to get the outcome you want

And it doesn’t stop there...

Bonus #1 - Access to A Private community Of Top Players

As I mentioned earlier, one of the keys to the success of the Elite builders is who they are surrounded by. To ensure you’re fully supported, we created a private platform called the Battle Masters (It’s not a discord group).


This is the closest thing to a cheat code for improving quickly. You’ll be surrounded by experienced builders who will answer your questions at any time about your teams. Get fast feedback, suggestions, and testing and live classes starting next week.


Those who take advantage of this opportunity today get lifetime access to this group AND three months of FREE access to the private area (which is typically for paid members) where you get guaranteed assistance from Elite players about whatever you want


Bonus #2 - Eliminate Ladder anxiety

Have you ever wanted to take the leap to finally start playing, but felt overwhelming anxiety?

Have you ever hovered over the find battle button without ever clicking it?


Or maybe you’re about to reach a new peak and notice you feel so much pressure that you start making simple mistakes.


That’s where Anxiety Annihilation comes in. This is a bonus course that breaks down why you’re anxious, how it’s actually pretty normal, and how to fix it so you can start enjoying the game you love. 


Bonus #3 - Master team preview

Have you ever gone into a game and had no what the right next move is? 


Do you struggle with finding the weak point on the opponent’s team?


Or maybe you come up with a game plan, only to forget it the moment the battle starts…


If any of these situations sound familiar, then look no further. You also get the Game Plan System as a bonus. This is detailed video training that breaks down (in a formulaic way) exactly what questions you need to ask yourself so that you always know what to do next.


Bonus #4 - dominate in Your battles

After building your ideal team, you’ll also need to start winning battles. It’s not enough to be the perfect tool without the skills to use it.


So, those who take advantage of this opportunity today will also receive as a bonus The Battle Crash Course.


This is a masterclass on how to quickly dissect your opponents. A team is only as good as the player, so this is perfect for those who want to win with the genius they create.


Bonus #5 - find your mistakes everytime

“The best are built in the replays” This quote is truer than most understand. The best players have always been those who reflected on their mistakes. However, there is a very specific way to do this.


The Replay Road Map is filled with detailed video training on how to extract the lessons you need from every replay. That way you always know exactly what you’re doing wrong, and go into the next battle better than before.


Bonus #6 - the 7 laws of competitive pokemon

This book goes deeper than anything you’ve ever read (or even thought about…ever about competitive Pokemon.) This is an exclusive release.


In this E-Book, you learn the underlying framework (the physics) of this game. 


It’s probably the most abstract view on Pokemon you’ve ever seen (for those who love philosophy and science) while being extremely practical. 

 it comes out on December 14th, 2023 (Yes, perfect for the DLC!). You get a copy FREE


Bonus #7 - An App that Builds real teams in seconds

For the first time in history, there is an application that can build teams within seconds (with the metagame in mind).

It allows a player to enter a Pokemon they want to build with, determine the level of creativity they want, and spew out a team (in seconds). It takes into account the most used Pokemon in the metagame AND their win rates!


It doesn’t stop there, but I’ll let you explore it yourself.


As a bonus, you get EARLY ACCESS to this Free tool far before the general player base. 



Lord Emvee Lord Emvee

"As a seasoned teambuilder and battler in the competitive Pokémon space, I've had the privilege of encountering many skilled players, but few match the experience and ingenuity of my good friend Mrjamvad. His work not only demystifies the complex realm of competitive Pokémon but also elevates it to an art form. His approach to teambuilding is both innovative and practical, striking a perfect balance between creativity and competitive viability. From my experience, the resources Jam provides is a testament to his deep understanding of competitive Pokémon and his ability to foresee and adapt to a constantly changing metagame. Having battled alongside and against him, I can personally vouch for his exceptional skill in both teambuilding and in-battle decision-making. His content is a window into the mind of one of the game's greatest tacticians. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, Jam has a wealth of knowledge that can change the way you view and play the game."

PokeaimMD PokeaimMD

“Pokémon Battling is an art that starts way before the battle itself. You may have the skill to win but without the proper tools that skill can only take you so far. Teambuilding is one of the most important aspects of competitive Pokémon. When all are in sync, true beauty is made. No one is more in-sync than MrJamvad. His ability to not only build and play but teach those skills to others is in itself a work of art. His wealth of knowledge can truly change the way you play this game. It gives you an understanding that can be applied to all aspects of life. If you ever wanted to up your game, or build your skills, this is where you want to be.”

Blunder Blunder

“ I was always felt like I was a quick learner in Pokémon but after a year or two I found myself making the same mistakes and not able to break into the highest level of play that I wanted to be at. Jam easily helped me shift my way of looking at the game as well as breaking down exactly how the game works for me in a way that I did not understand before”


These bonuses are only available if you get the teambuilding toolbox during this limited window. 

I want you to get results, that’s it.


I contemplated trying to make this all free (somehow) to allow everyone access, but I didn’t for three main reasons:


1) I want to make sure this is sustainable for the long run since most projects don’t last because the creators have to earn a living.


2) I don’t like accepting the hard work of others without compensating them, so it would insulting of me to assume you wouldn’t share that sentiment.


3) This way we can continue to create more resources in the future, so it is always a win-win.


So now you’ve seen everything. 


In life, there are two kinds of people: those who seize the opportunity and unfortunately (the majority) who seize regret. The beauty is, we always get to choose. 


a) You can take no action and have things remain how they’ve always been (If you’re happy with that).


b) You can invest another 50-100 hours trying to figure this out by yourself.


c) Or you can get the solution to your problems now, saving yourself time while being supported by like-minded individuals.


The choice is yours 


To make it even easier, if you’re not satisfied after the first 30 days, you get a full refund, no questions asked. So, there is zero risk to you.

I want to make sure you only pay if you find it valuable. 

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